The estia group employs about 350 specialized employees. Fifty of them are currently working at our production plants and the rest 300 have been distributed at the 20-store network of estia. All employees play a fundamental role in producing our products, operating the stores and servicing. They embody our efforts to achieve better product and service quality.

Choosing a new employee that will be a member of the estia group is a very important procedure. We aim to have a qualified group of employees that will be able to meet all customer needs.

After the selection of the new members, an in-house training procedure is taking place. In fact, training never ends. Our staff enrich its knowledge continuously via training programs organized throughout the year, for them training is a great opportunity to update their knowledge regarding the newest worldwide food trends and production development. Their goal is to provide high quality products and excellent service experience.

Since Estia’s group is constantly growing by recruiting more qualified employees and finding new partners, we are interested in enlarging our on-line community.

Via our LinkedIn profile we provide valuable information to everyone that wants to know more about the people of Estia