Estia AEVE

Industrial Area of Thermi,

570 01 Thessaloniki, Greece

908 N. Raidestos

T: +30 2310 475065

F: +30 2310 467563


Bakery & Patisserie treats from Greece to the world.

Estia is a supplier and exporter of high-quality bakery, pastry & patisserie goods, based in Greece. We export our ready-to-finish and ready-to-sell frozen products across Europe and beyond. We deliver a big variety of more than hundred product codes and we can create custom products for your bakery & patisserie business. See all product categories.

We make the bakery & patisserie shop life as easy as it gets.

Time is precious for your local bakery business. What we bring to the table (and your bakery) is much more than mere products. 

We make the baking process easier by sending you the ready-to-finish products. You put the finishing -value adding- touches and benefit from our time & cost saving solutions.

Bakeries & Pastry shops

If you are a bakery or pastry shop, we are here to make your working life easier. 

  • Keep your customers coming back with the same quality and same appearance every day.
  • Give your customers choices. Expand your business by adding new products, skipping investment in production equipment. Add puff pastry products to your patisserie or cakes & ice-cream to your bakery and offer your customers one more reason to indulge.
  • Minimize effort & labor cost by focusing on the most value-adding aspects of the job.For example, take our unfinished cake layers and add your toppings.
  • Respond to seasonal needs better by building an inventory the moment when you mostly need it. Yes, Valentine’s & Christmas day are now made easy.
  • Ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean region. From the salt, the butter and the olive oil to the -more sophisticated- almond cream, cheese and sausages, almost everything is sourced from Greece and other countries in the Mediterranean region.Now you can respond “GREECE” when your customers ask “where is this coming from”.     


Whether you are looking for a custom bread or dessert to reflect the spirit of your restaurant’s menu, or interested in an item from our existing product line, we offer ready-to-finish bread and dessert creations that make a lasting impression.



If you are a wholesale distributor, in our extensive product range you will find a solution for your end-user’s needs, whether they are a bakery, a pastry shop or a gelateria.

Contact us to find bakery business solutions for you and your customers.

Come, bake with us!