Βakery, pastry & patisserie frozen products from Greece to the world.

Started in 1961 as a local bakery, evolved into a premium quality bakery & patisserie and now sharing products & expertise in the European market. Improvement through innovation is our second nature.


‘Quality’ means a lot more than fresh products to us. The ‘All day fresh’ concept is applied to our production process and stores and comprises of the following values:

Ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean area, innovative production standards, a fresh product mix & look, following and shaping the industry trends, a fresh atmosphere and attitude in every estia store.


Variety, flavor, quality. A strong product mix, covering pies & pastries, bread, patisserie, snacks, our famous tsureki and the awarded gelo celo ice-cream. We pride ourselves in our extensive & ever-changing product portfolio, while our core products remain the same.

All products come with baking instructions.


Tsureki Brownies
04 December 2018

Tsureki Brownies


Sweet 1st year event in Estia Artakis

Sweet 1st year event in Estia Artakis

20 December 2018 In December 18th, Estia Artakis had its 1st birthday and they had many surprises for customers with music , balloons and many delicious tastes to try. Estia Artakis offered for only that day 30% off in sweets. We wish them all the best with an ...

Tsureki Brownies

04 December 2018 Estia is the first bakery in Greece that combined two of your favorite tastes and it produced Tsureki Brownies that has high demand , even if it has just a few days in the market. We combined our fresh and soft tsureki with the classic taste of brownies that includes many nuts. Come and try it!


“Delicious desserts”

I really like desserts that they served. They are light but delicious Especially strawberry-chocolate cakes are great.

Kemal G Trip Advisor

“Beautifully crafted pastries”

Beautifully crafted pastries, both sweet and savory.

David G Trip Advisor

“Really really good cakes”

If you have any kind of sweet tooth it's a certainty you're going in to try these cakes, they look amazing. The good news is they taste great too.

joebobs1 Trip Advisor

“Great bakery with French oriented desserts and good sandwiches”

Their desserts are awesome as are their croissants & bread 

worldtraveler3465 Trip Advisor