Who we are

Discover what estia stands for*

Two dynamic production units outside of Thessaloniki, 20 retail stores, more than 100 different bakery and pastry products to be exported worldwide and a unique brand concept. 

We produce and provide our customers in Greece, Europe and the world with fine bakery and pastry treats, including a wide range of ice-cream flavours.

Started in 1960, we build strong relationships with our partners and clients and we have managed to stand out for our quality and freshness. We never stop evolving, we renew the recipes and the equipment to stay ahead in order to reach more and more people with different tasting experiences.

Our most famous products are: the kourou pastry pies, the ‘gelo celo’ ice-cream and the tsureki. We also take pride in the exceptional aesthetics of our patisserie products

*‘estia’ means ‘home’ in Greek.  The term comes from the ancient Greek goddess Hestia, one of the Twelve Olympians who represented the fireplace, the architecture and the family, basic pillars of our brand concept. No wonder why the founder of our company chose this name!