We select the finest raw materials such as eggs, sugar, chocolate and craft dessert temptations you cannot resist. A true inspiration for us that delivers sweet character and indulgent flavour.

Oven-baked pastry

Chocolate/orange/apple/walnut pies and chocolate souffle. 

Pastes and tarts

Fresh ingredients allow you to enjoy every bit and piece of your paste or tart. From chocolate to blueberries an unforgettable gustatory pleasure awaits. 

Pastries with syrup

Baklava, Kataifi, Saragli -rolled baklava, Greek Custard Pie.

Can you imagine poured syrup on a pie crust? Syrup pastries are very common in the eastern world. Walnut, peanut and almonds included.


An unlimited variety of flavor combinations will render the cake your everyday dessert.