Christmas season in Estia

Christmas season in Estia
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We are glad to announce that the Christmas season in Estia starts at November 10th and all the delicious Christmas tastes can be found in all of our shops.

Traditional proposals as “Melomacárona” and “Kurambiés” are a unique choice.
“Melomacárona” that comes from the Greek word ‘meli’ which means homey, have as its main ingredients flour, clove and honey. You can taste them with various coatings, such as grained nuts, which is the most traditional, or with bitter chocolate. Sugar, Flour and Butter are the three main ingredients for the “Kurambiés’’ which can be found either coating by powdered sugar or by different types of chocolate.

As Christmas is endless in our Bakeries a big variety of many others Christmas treats like Cakes, Panettone, Christmas Chocolate Bars are available as well. However, we never deviate from our main philosophy, all of our products are made with excellent raw materials and are daily baked.

We are more than pleased to welcome you to all of our brunches and make your Christmas as sweet as possible!

A small visit will convince you that Christmas treats are never enough in Estia.

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