In the tradition of breadmaking, our homemade bread is the outcome of a delicious mixture of simple and fresh ingredients with a touch of patience and a real depth of flavour.

Soft bread

Milk bread & brioche, to remind you the France you know and the French you loved.

    Slow dough

    Good things in life take time. Slow maturation techniques along with high quality ingredients result at our slow maturation bread.

    Estia for a healthy life

    Dinkel flour bread: protein-based when you ask for nutrition and taste.


      Available in two versions, both with sourdough: whole grain and classic traditional baguettes.

      • Focaccia

        Give an Italian feeling to your sandwiches

      • Ciabatta

        Sticky and fluid. An unforgettable sensation when you taste it.

      • Sandwich breads

         Onion bread, garlic bread, olive bread) our vision of your everyday sandwich